‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading’

Siddhārtha Gautama

Scheduling Your Session

Once you have completed the below Client Intake Form, I will call you for a quick FREE, no-obligation, 15 min consultation chat, to determine your desired goals, we will then discuss the best time to schedule your first session.


Your first scheduled session should take around 90 mins. If at any time in those first 30 mins you determine there isn’t a good fit, we can end the session there, no obligation and no cost to you – a risk free way to make sure this is right for you.


In the 90 mins we will discuss your issue and together devise a treatment plan to achieve what you need. In our first session, we will jointly establish a set of agreed therapeutic goals and commence treatment. Many clients notice marked changes and improvements after their first appointment. 

All future follow-up sessions are 60 minutes.


The number of follow up sessions will depend on your commitment and how you progress. Often clients see great results from the very first session, and treatment packages of 3 or more sessions are available at a discounted rate. 


Any further sessions are used to target other identified problem areas and obstacles to progress.


Please fill out this form prior to your first appointment.
The following information will be used to help plan your hypnotherapy sessions. Please answer
the questions to the best of your knowledge.